Sleepclean (Canada) :: How do you get bed bugs?

How do you get bed bugs?

How do you get bed bugs?

How do you get bed bugs?

Is it possible to bring bed bugs home from hotels?
Absolutely! However bed bugs don’t generally attach themselves to you, but instead can be brought home in your clothes and suitcase.

How do I check if there are bed bugs in my hotel room?

The easiest thing to do is to remove the sheets from the hotel bed and inspect the seams in the mattress and box spring. As well check the backside of the headboard and the bracket used to attach it to the wall, as bed bugs are often present in these locations. You may also be able to see bed bug feces (which looks like poppy seeds) so look closely.

What should I do once I return home?

It is important to bag all your clothing that is coming home with you and ensure they are washed and dried immediately. What is also really important is to vacuum your luggage and place it in garbage bags. Unfortunately there is nothing specifically designed to treat bed bugs in luggage, so it is best for it to be sealed.


Are hotels the only place to get bed bugs?

Definitely not! Just like hotels, school dorms, hospitals, libraries and movie theatres all provide possible breeding grounds for bed bugs. Just because these places look clean, doesn’t mean that bed bugs aren’t present. Bed bugs can survive anywhere and will hide in any form of cracks or crevices.


Are bed bugs spreading because of the ban on DDT treatment?

There if a misconception that the reason bed bugs are making a comeback is a result of the government banning the use of DDT treatment. This in fact is not the case as bed bugs had built up resistance to the DDT treatment before it was even discontinued. Apparently pest control companies have good success in getting rid of bedbugs with existing products on the market.


How do I avoid spreading bed bugs?

The only real way of avoiding bed bugs is to try and prevent the spreading of them to your home.

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