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Bed Bug Mattress Covers

Bed Bug Mattress Covers

How To Prevent Bed Bugs.


Bed Bugs are on the rise in all major cities in Canada. In addition if you travel to major cities around the world and to vacation resorts in Mexico and the Carribean you are a great risk of of picking up bed bugs and transporting them home. Thats were the problems begin at home. Once they get into your mattresses , box springs and pillows you will likely have to dispose of those items. Unfortunately that is not the end of it as they hide in bed frames and other furnishings.

The thought of bed bug crawling around in your bed could cause people to cover their homes with pesticides and throw out all the bedding. Sleepclean doesn’t believe these are the best possible solutions.  


How to prevent Bed bugs from biting you in bed. The use of a high quality, micro pore, full encasement mattress covers, box spring covers and pillow covers such as our Rest Guard Line of Bed Bug Mattress Covers will prevent the bed bugs from either entering or exiting your mattresses etc. The Rest Guard is a premium line of covers and have been fully tested unlike the low cost cover found at many places elsewhere.


Instead, Sleepclean recommends the use of the Rest Guard  bed bug mattress covers for the prevention of bed bugs, as well as these bed bug mattress covers will provide a barrier against dust mites and other allergens. All bed bug mattress products sold by Sleepclean have been lab tested and certified.  The tight weave and membranes found in the bed bug mattress covers ensure that bed bugs can’t get out but still allow you the comfort of the breathable fabric while sleeping. These bed bug mattress covers come in all sizes including crib, twin, double, queen and king size and are designed to completely enclose both the mattress and box spring. It is also recommended that pillow covers be used along with these bed bug mattress covers. All bedbug mattress covers sold by Sleepclean have a rust proof zipper which is sewn with a “safety” double stitch.


What is important to remember is that bed bugs are not actually interested in the mattress, but rather the person or host that sleeps on it. The reason why bed bug mattress covers are good is because if you already have bed bugs, then they will be trapped inside the cover and cannot get out and bite you. If you don’t have bed bugs, well then, the cover will ensure you won’t have to throw out the mattress if you ever get bed bugs. Either way you win!

If you suspect that you actually have a bed bug problem, Sleepclean recommends that you hire a well trained and experienced pest management professional. They will be able to locate all stages of the bed bugs as well as all their hiding places.

Otherwise, prevention is key. Sleepclean recommends that you select Rest Guard Line of  bed bug mattress covers for all beds in your house. This way, everyone can sleep tight without bed bug bites.

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How To Prevent Bed Bugs

How To Prevent Bed Bugs