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About SleepClean

About SleepClean

Sleepclean, who are we and what do we do?

Sleepclean is a Canadian owned company.

We supply and manufacture bed bug control and allergy relief bedding products such as Bed Bug Mattress Covers, pillow, duvet and box spring covers and anti - allergy duvets/comforters and pillows.

Sleepclean became active in the allergy and bed bug bedding bedding field some years ago when an original family member was suffering from dust mite allergies. We started to search for suppliers of allergy and bed bug bedding and found that most were unknowledgeable about their products and the products themselves were mostly untested and overpriced. This led to the inception of Sleepclean and from those early days Sleepclean has now become a major force in this area supplying worldwide to Hotels, Hospitals, Guest Houses, Allergists, Doctors, Pharmacies and of course the general public.

Here are some facts about the company:

We have supplied anti allergy products worldwide - we have customers using our products across Europe, in Canada, USA, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea etc etc.

We constantly test new products and fabrics as they emerge, we believe in only providing lab tested products and giving the client a no-nonsense - hype free description of the product.

We also believe in what you see is what you pay pricing approach - the prices on our website include taxes. Note that orders to US are direct from our US depot, so no extra import duties or brokers fees. Orders outside of US & Canada may be subject to duties/taxes at the point of entry.

Sleepclean works very closely with the manufacture of their products, helping to maintain a consistent high quality control and a fast supply line.