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100% Mulberry Silk-Filled Queen Duvet

100% Mulberry Silk-Filled Queen Duvet

100% Mulberry Silk-Filled Queen Duvet
QUEEN MULBERRY SILK - 88"x 90" - 36oz

Outer Shell: 300 thread count 100% combed cotton sateen cover.
Fill: 100% Mulberry silk.
Colour: white
Supremely breathable
100% Naturally non-allergenic - resists moisture build up, dust mites and odours.
Extremely durable - silk will outlast man made fiber duvets by many years
Naturally wicks moisture away from you body
Silk is less bulky and lighter than down or man-made fibers
Available in: Lightweight & Winterweight

The Sleepclean anti allergy natural silk duvets / comforters really are the ultimate in luxury, silk has many benefits over either down or synthetic fibers for allergy sufferers or for people who are just looking for the ultimate duvet / comforter for sleeping comfort.

High quality fill
Our duvets / comforters  are filled with 100% grade “A” new long strand Chinese silk. Cheaper brands use short strands which loose heat quicker, some even mix the silk with “synthetic” silk, incidentally we think that silk is either real natural silk or it’s not silk at all - so why call it “synthetic silk”?

Sleepclean use more silk fill in our allergy silk duvet / comforter than our competitors - remember we are the only dedicated allergy bedding supplier in Canada, allergy bedding is all we sell, we simply have to supply the best products at great prices or we would not stay in business.

Natural cotton cover
We cover our natural silk duvet / comforter with a top quality 100% natural, white, combed cotton 300 thread count cover.
The silk duvet  / comforter is double stitched and box quilted to keep the silk in place, we even stitch in corner ties so that you can button your duvet into its cover or button two silk duvets / comforters together for extra warmth during colder winters.

Sizes, Fill Weight and Sleeping Temperature
Sleepclean anti allergy natural silk duvets / comforters are available in the following sizes & weights:






















Sleeping temperatures

It’s a fact that people sleep differently, some sleep hot some cold. Our silk duvets / comforters are designed for year round warmth at indoor temperatures of 17-30 degrees Celsius. A lightweight silk duvet / comforter is perfect for normal summer nights, cooler nights in spring and fall and will be very comfortable in a centrally heated home through the winter.
As we said above, some people need more winter warmth, that’s where the winterweight silk duvet / comforter fits in they are comfortable in temperatures of 14-24 degrees Celsius.





We have many customers who mix and match, for example they will buy two twin silk duvets / comforter  one winterweight for the cold sleeper, one lightweight for the warm sleeper.

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